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Hundreds Jostle For View Of Celebrity Couple And Guests With AM-Shriver Wedding

April 26, 1986

HYANNIS, Mass. (AP) _ The crowd began to arrive as early as 7:30 Saturday morning, hoping to glimpse a star.

Packed six deep on the sidewalks near St. Francis Xavier Church, the stargazers shoved for a good spot. They argued with the dozens of police officers hired to keep order among the paparazzi with their long lenses and ordinary camera-toting onlookers.

″Everybody back up on the sidewalks, please,″ the police implored.

Many continued to step into the residential streets in this Cape Cod resort to try to get a better view of the guests arriving for the wedding of Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

″I think he’s being mean,″ Delores Ridlon of Yarmouth said after a burly officer ordered her back on the sidewalk. ″We should be allowed to get closer. We live here.″

″This is ridiculous,″ said a teen-age girl hemmed in by the crowd. ″It’s really not all that interesting.″

Some of the curious climbed trees or took vantage points on the roofs of nearby houses. Others stood on the tops of vans or the shoulders of companions.

When the wedding guests began to arrive about 9:30 a.m. in a line of limousines and hotel shuttle buses, the crowd tried to guess who they were from their less-than-perfect viewing points.

″Is that Bo Derek?″ asked one woman.

Nope. She wasn’t even on the guest list.

″Look, there’s ’Magnum, P.I.,‴ screamed a child, referring to Tom Selleck, the star of the television show of that name.

Wrong again.

Perhaps fueled by media reports that the guests would include everyone from European royalty to movie stars, the onlookers were willing to believe almost anything.

Some real notables arrived, and those able to see cheered appreciatively.

Singer Andy Williams drew applause, as did the bride’s uncle Sen. Edward M. Kennedy. Much stronger response greeted a smiling Jacqueline Onassis, the bride’s aunt, who looked smart in a navy-and-white suit.

Shorter gawkers couldn’t see the guests.

″I’m going to buy a stepladder for Caroline’s wedding,″ said Peg Curry of Sandwich, referring to the July 26 marriage of Caroline Kennedy and Edwin Schlossberg in nearby Centerville.

Even some of the dozens of reporters and photographers had a hard time getting a spot. One flashed a press pass to an unsympathetic policeman and said he wanted to return to the press area, a set of risers erected in the driveway of a guest house across from the church. The officer wouldn’t let him pass.

″You don’t understand, officer,″ implored the reporter.

Even those with the best spots were denied a glimpse of the groom. Schwarzenegger’s silver limo slipped around the back of the church, where the actor sneaked in.

The real cheers were reserved for the bride, who pulled up at 11:15 - 15 minutes late - in a limousine with her father, former U.S. ambassador to France R. Sargent Shriver.

″You should see how long her train is - it’s huge,″ exclaimed one woman about the satin wedding dress accented with French lace.

But some still were disappointed.

″All this time standing for nothing - I saw white. That’s it,″ said a woman holding a young girl.

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