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PRI Party Members Allegedly Bomb Own Headquarters

June 5, 1985

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico (AP) _ Institutional Revolutionary Party officials say their headquarters here was bombed by three members of their own party, but say it was an act of drunken folly and not a plot to discredit opposition parties.

Three members of the party, which goes by the initials PRI, were arrested Tuesday on charges of bombing the headquarters in Juarez.

A bottle filled with gasoline, rags and a lighted wick was thrown early Tuesday on the balcony of the headquarters. It exploded against the wall of the PRI office, damaging a cooler unit, said Oscar Gutierrez Juarez, secretary general of the Juarez PRI chapter.

Three men were arrested within an hour near the scene by Juarez Transit Police, who turned them over to the State Judicial Police.

One of them, Pablo Arras Ramos, is a journalist with a Mexico City newspaper. The others, Bernardo Amor Leanos and Anselmo Luna Campos, are young activists in the PRI. The three were being held Tuesday by State Judicial Police.

″We consider it to be the act of three young men who were drunk. We’re asking that it be punished just as any other delinquency,″ Gutierrez said Tuesday afternoon.

Asked about speculations that the bombing was done to make it look like the act of opposition party members competing in July elections in Juarez, Gutierrez said such a motive would be ″an infantile excuse.″

″We think the party is of sufficient maturity not to do something like that.″

Mayor Francisco Barrio Terrazas, who is a member of the rival National Action Party in Juarez, said, ″I doubt if it’s part of some plan. It was probably just some drunken idea.″

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