Leet residents reminded of recycling guidelines

July 29, 2018

Leet residents are reminded to place recyclables loosely in a bin for pick-up.

Leet residents should be aware of minor changes to recycling guidelines, effective immediately.

Refuse hauler Waste Management no longer collects recyclables in plastic bags, Manager Betsy Rengers said.

“Take plastic bags to your local grocery store for recycling,” Rengers said.

Bags can wrap around the hauling equipment and cause troubles at the recycling center, she said. Instead, residents should place loose items in a bin for pick-up.

“If they are in a garbage bag, the recycler will put them into the garbage,” she said.

Rengers said residents can try to use this rule for remembering what is collected: “If you buy it at the grocery store and it is bigger than two inches-by-two inches, and smaller than a two-gallon bucket, it’s recyclable.”

That includes bottles, cans, paper, empty milk cartons, juice boxes and cardboard.

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