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Jurors Felled By Cupid’s Arrow During Goetz Trial

June 20, 1987

NEW YORK (AP) _ One was juror six for the trial of subway gunman Bernhard Goetz, the other was juror eight. But now that the case is over, there’s no one separating them.

″I met somebody. I fell in love,″ James Mosely, 27, said in a telephone interview Friday.

Mosely and Diana Serpe met during Goetz’s attempted murder trial in Manhattan. He said he first eyed the 33-year-old airline sales agent during jury selection in December.

″I was attracted to her right from the beginning,″ said Mosely, who stood out during courtroom proceedings because of his penchant for wearing pajama tops as shirts.

″She’s pretty attractive, you know, and I’m pretty scuzzy so I didn’t say anything to her right away, not until the trial began.″

Mosely, who sells graphic arts film, said it was strictly business during court hours. ″We never really talked too much or spent time hanging around each other.″

But afterward, they would share the subway train to their Upper East Side apartments, just blocks apart.

″One thing led to another. You know, why don’t we get a drink, that sort of thing, and that led to our going out,″ Mosley said of the romance.

″We have a lot of things in common. Diana’s fun. I’m fun. I guess we have a lot of fun,″ said Mosely, who told the court during jury questioning that his goal in life was to keep a certain beer manufacturer ″the king of beers.″

They’ve been dating for about eight weeks and ″we haven’t argued yet,″ he said.

The Evansville, Ind., native was taking the publicity with more aplomb than Miss Serpe.

″I don’t need it blasted all over the place,″ she said. ″I’m very unhappy about it - not the relationship, the publicity.″

Miss Serpe said she feels it detracts from the seriousness of the trial and the jury’s decision to clear Goetz of attempted murder and assault charges. He was found guilty on a weapons possession charge.

″This kind of publicity tends to make a mockery of it all. ... It (the trial) was a very serious matter to everyone involved,″ she said.

But Mosley said he appreciates the TV sit-com aspects of their getting together.

″It is pretty odd. It beats the heck out of anything I ever thought of,″ he said. ″All I can say is, go to jury duty, you never know what might happen.″

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