BEIJING, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / August 20, 2018 / Leonardo Render, the blockchain-based cloud supercomputing solution for the graphical rendering industry, has recently increased connections in the Asian market through new partnerships. After several weeks of meetings and tests, the Leonardo render team has sealed several important meetings and partnerships.

First, iQIYI ( the equivalent of Netflix in China) has agreed to collaborate with the Leonardo team to build a custom-made version of the Leonardo Software to accommodate the complex specifications that a company like iQIYI has.

The Leonardo Render team met with the Director of Production Mr. Jin Min, along with Mr. Stone (Director of Resources) and Mr. Liu Jiayi (Business Manager of the Resource Department). According to Mr. Jin, "We used to send our material out to render farms and waited sometimes days to get the result. It looks like now we can see the result immediately on our workstations without having to wait and see the result in realtime. This technology is a must have."

The partnership is certainly symbiotic, as LR will gain notoriety and substantial platform usage, while iQIYI will gain speed and quality from the LR rendering platform. By offering a way for iQIYI to do their own rendering at a substantially faster pace, LR helps the company to move content to market far more quickly than previously thought possible.

Further, LR was able to meet with VHQ, a 30 Years old, established media company currently working with companies like Coca-Cola, Heineken, P&G, Unilever, and Samsung. The meeting was intended to explore possible future partnerships for rendering services.

According to Mr. Guan, VHQ technical director: "We ship the hard drive to the render farm and they render it for us. There's no other solution at the moment. We look forward to have our personalized version of Leonardo. It will be a revolution and incredible improvement to our workflow."

Finally, Leonardo was able to meet Pearl Studios (formerly known as DreamWorks's Oriental branch) in Shanghai, where the production directors admitted to being very impressed by the performance of Leonardo. The company is still working on CPU rendering and revealed that they are moving towards GPU rendering by the end of the year.

Pearl Studios have also expressed interest in the platform, and are currently in talks with Leonardo Render to also develop a customized version for their own use.

Taken together, the quality of the LR platform (as shown in its beta test ), is clearly opening doors to new and exciting rendering opportunities with some of the biggest names in Asia. By creating and offering a rendering platform that reduces the time of rendering as well as lowers the overall cost, LR is meeting the needs of the fast-growing 3D rendering marketplace.


Dan Edelstein


SOURCE: Leonardo Render