Nominating commission forwards attorney applicants for open Lancaster County judgeship

September 27, 2018

A judicial nominating commission in Lincoln has narrowed a group of seven applicants down to four to be considered for a Lancaster County judgeship.

Gov. Pete Ricketts will meet with Matt Kosmicki, Eddy Rodell, Joseph Dalton and Tim Noerrlinger before appointing one to be a county court judge in Lincoln.

Seven had applied for the judgeship vacated by John Freudenberg, who was named a Nebraska Supreme Court justice in June.

Kosmicki and Rodell, both of Lincoln, are attorneys in private practice.

Kosmicki started as a probation officer before working in criminal defense and civil litigation, and said he has the knowledge and experience in the courtroom to handle the fast pace of the Lancaster County Court.

Rodell, who practices criminal defense and family law, said judges often appoint him to represent difficult clients because of his reputation for being patient and able to get along with people.

Dalton, of Waverly, is the chief deputy in the Seward County Attorney’s Office and city attorney for Crete. He says he’s in the courtroom all the time and that there’s nothing on the county court side he hasn’t handled.

Noerrlinger, of Syracuse, worked as a prosecutor in Nebraska City and Fairbury before turning his focus on criminal defense work in Lincoln. He said he can see both sides to cases and how each party views things.

All four candidates are registered Republicans.

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