NEW YORK (AP) _ Actor Scott Baio, who played Chachi Arcola on the long-running sitcom ``Happy Days,'' turns 40 this year.

``I am having a good time,'' Baio told Us Weekly magazine in its March 26 issue. ``But people who say they are happy turning 40 are lying. I would give up the wisdom of 40 to be 22 again.''

Baio will celebrate his birthday on Sept. 22.

He played Chachi on ``Happy Days'' from 1977 to 1984, and costarred with Erin Moran in the short-lived spinoff, ``Joanie Loves Chachi.'' He also starred in the title role on the '80s sitcom ``Charles in Charge.''

His upcoming films include ``Very Mean Men'' with Matthew Modine and Martin Landau.

When asked whether he would ever settle down and start a family, Baio told the magazine, ``Warren Beatty gives us all hope that we can wait till we're 50.''