Leana Wen, Planned Parenthood president, is Nancy Pelosi State of the Union guest

February 5, 2019

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s guest list includes her husband, one of her daughters, the D.C. mayor and the head of Planned Parenthood.

Mrs. Pelosi, California Democrat and technically the host of President Trump’s speech, used her guest list to highlight various issues such as gun control, transgender rights, and abortion.

According to the list released Tuesday by Mrs. Pelosi’s office, Leana Wen, the president of Planned Parenthood will be in the chamber.

Defunding Planned Parenthood the nation’s largest abortion provider has been a top priority of Republicans, and denying that also a leading cause for Democrats.

“Tonight, we expect President Trump to address abortion and reproductive rights no doubt doubling down on the attacks we’ve seen over the last two years. Dr. Wen’s attendance is significant at a time when women’s reproductive rights are under constant threat, and is a symbolic reminder that majority of Americans support access to safe and legal abortion,” Planned Parenthood said in a statement.

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