Cart Smarts: These foods can boost your mood

April 10, 2019

Spring officially arrived a few weeks ago! Now that the days are getting longer and we start to see more sunshine and warmer weather, we tend to see an improvement in people’s moods.

Including whole foods from all the food groups can help improve your mood, too.

What are good-mood foods? The right carbohydrate-protein duos that feed your brain as well as your muscles. Eat these foods to get a feel-good lift that stays throughout the day.

Serotonin is the “feel good” chemical in our bodies. The foods below contain chemicals that help serotonin and other feel-good hormones get into our systems:

• Dairy products, soy milk, tofu, soybean nuts, seafood, meats, poultry, whole grains, beans, rice, hummus, lentils, hazelnuts, peanuts, eggs, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds — all contain tryptophan, which is needed for serotonin uptake.

• Fish, chicken, pork, whole grains, wheat, oats, dairy products, avocados, pumpkin and bananas, almonds, lima beans, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds — all contain tyrosine for alertness and concentration.

• Fruits, vegetables and their juices, whole grain products, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices and cocoa — all contain antioxidants which may help prevent depression.

• Chia seeds contain acetylcholine which influences learning, memory and mood.