Truck-heavy junction ‘dangerous’

August 24, 2018

Manteno resident Joseph Mikos says he could have gotten in a bad accident earlier this month on Wilmington-Peotone Road.

Taking a left onto Tulley Road, he saw a semitruck’s “gigantic” grill in his rear-view mirror, with the driver slamming on his brakes.

“I aborted my left turn, floored my vehicle and moved out in the nick of time. My wife was screaming,” said Mikos, 77. “When the semi finally stopped, it was right in the area where I had just departed. We would have been creamed.”

Wilmington-Peotone Road connects its two namesake villages in the far southern, less populated part of Will County. Up to 30 percent of the road’s traffic is trucks, said Jeff Ronaldson, the county engineer.

Ronaldson said he has heard complaints about the Wilmington-Peotone Road intersection with Old Chicago Road to the west, but he hadn’t personally received feedback about the one with Tulley, near St. Patrick Catholic Church. Only Tulley has stop signs.

Debbie Militello, R-Channahon, the county board member who represents the area of the Tulley intersection, said she recently received a call from someone who wanted to improve the intersection’s safety.

“I’ve been talking to the county highway department to see what we can do,” Militello said. “It’s a dangerous intersection. I’ve asked for solutions.”

She suggested a left-turn lane at the intersection and flashing lights.

Ronaldson said left-turn lanes always are helpful, but it’s hard to find the resources to take care of such issues throughout the county.

Mikos, for his part, wanted to get the word out about the intersection.

“Everyone is really cranking it when they go through there,” he said. “You can see a lot of black skid marks on the down slope of the intersection.”

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