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Three Inmates Flee Deer Island

March 13, 1985

BOSTON (AP) _ Three men escaped from the Deer Island House of Correction, apparently in a stolen car - the second time two of the three 20-year-olds have taken that route to freedom, authorities said.

Kenneth Dennehy, Jack B. Shea and Francis A. Quinn were missing from their cells during a routine security check at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, said Boston Penal Institutions Commissioner Benjamin Thompson.

They are believed to have used a car owned by an employee at the Metropolitan District Commission’s sewage treatment plant on Deer Island, officials said.

Thompson said Quinn and Shea escaped from Deer Island last fall in a car stolen from another commission employee. Quinn was arrested three days later and Shea was caught six days after the escape.

″We have every reason to believe they used the same pattern and used an MDC employee’s vehicle,″ Thompson said.

Deer Island is a peninsula connected to Winthrop. A single gate leads to the penal facility and the sewage plant. Thompson said there was no proof the men had driven through the gate, speculating they could have ditched the car on the peninsula and walked along the shoreline into Winthrop.

There have been 11 escapes, including Tuesday’s three, from the facility this fiscal year.

″My problem is that 50 percent of the escapes we’ve had have involved MDC employees’ vehicles,″ Thompson said. ″I’m going to have to talk to (MDC) Commissioner (William) Geary to see if we can resolve this.″

After the last escape, a guard was stationed at the perimeter of the commission property, but the guard was removed last December because of a lack of money, according to Stephen Burgay, executive assistant to Geary.

Quinn has escaped three times. Authorities said he was serving a one-year term for larceny and firearms convictions when he first escaped in 1983. He had been serving a six-month sentence as a result of his escape last fall.

Shea was serving a 21/2 -year sentence for burglary, to be followed by six months for escape. Dennehy was completing a two-year sentence for car theft.

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