Train hits truck in Durham

May 15, 2019

An Amtrak train en route to Charlotte from Raleigh hit a truck on the tracks in Durham Wednesday afternoon a few miles east of the Durham station.

According to an Amtrak statement, the truck “was on the track after an earlier incident separate from Amtrak. Before the vehicle could be moved off the track, the train came into contact with the vehicle at around 3:30 p.m.”

The driver of the truck said her vehicle was hit and got stuck on the tracks. She was able to pull her two children to safety and said a Good Samaritan stopped to help her get her dog out.

An Amtrack employee announced the incident over the train’s public address system, apologizing for the delay and asking passengers to stay in place while police investigated.

“We are waiting for everybody on the outside of the train to give us an OK to depart,” the announcer said.

She warned passengers to expect a delay of an hour or more. “It’s going to be a considerable amount of time,” the announcer said.

By about 5 p.m., passengers were told that the train engine suffered enough damage that they’d have to make alternative plans to reach Charlotte.

“It’s unlikely that it will make the entire journey,” the announcer said.

Travelers were given the option to catch another train in Durham or to catch a bus for the rest of the trip to Charlotte.