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DAY TRIP_A grand old Flagg: There’s a lot of history in a museum that once housed a city hall, jail and fire station

BY ANDREA MILLS For Sauk Valley MediaMay 24, 2019

ROCHELLE – I tried out tools, sat in a jail cell and wore a wedding hat, all under one roof at the Flagg Township Museum – and those are only a few of the highlights, and also only a few of things that have been under that roof.

At one time, the building, which dates back to 1884, was home to City Hall. In the hall’s heyday it also housed a jail, community area and fire station. Today, it’s just plain fascinating.

Guided tours are available or you’re free to wander on your own. I chose to wander. The exhibits are well-labeled and I was armed with information from a museum guide’s introductory talk.

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