Handsaw hacker faces 20 years in Stamford sentencing

July 30, 2018

STAMFORD-Eight months after being found guilty of using a handsaw to attack a man who took out his estranged fiance for drinks and dinner, Cesar Olivero is facing a stiff sentence in a Stamford courtroom today.

Olivero, 37, is facing up to 20 years in prison for nearly cutting off the left hand of a New Jersey businessman in the Springdale apartment he and the mother of his young son shared before their break up in June 2015.

When she came home with the man to the apartment on Camp Avenue lat at night on June 25, 2015, Olivero was waiting for them. He threw the woman down, and began attacking the man with a saw, police and prosecutors said.

It was determined by doctors at the time that the man’s left hand had nearly been severed, as Olivero hacked at it approximately 15 times with a 14-inch handsaw. The man was treated at Stamford Hospital before being transferred to Westchester Medical Center.

Olivero had sent a threatening text message to the woman that same night saying, “Laugh now, cry later,” according to testimony from his jury trial in November 2017.

The text was sent within an hour of the attack. Olivero’s defense attorney Philip Russell argued that it did not prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

After the conviction, Olivero hired a new attorney Hubert Santos, who after making his argument to Judge Gary White for a smaller jail sentence, will probably handle Olivero’s appeal of the case.


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