Orchids and Onions: Friday, October 5, 2018

October 6, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the “in progress” yellow school bus build. Fabulous! Ignore the ‘stuck in mud’ naysayers. When you get it finished, my wife and I would love to share your open road. The spirit is alive in you! You know that life is short but wide.

Orchids to Brake Masters for handling a problem from another shop today. Went above and beyond resolving the situation and really helped me out. Thank you.

Orchids to the people with their own businesses, with the business name plastered all over their vehicles. The way some of you drive makes it obvious you don’t care for your neighbors or your potential customers. Thanks for putting your names out there. It’s so much easier to avoid you. Really!

Onions to barking dogs on south side of town. Here we go again. Remember that doors and windows are open and people are enjoying the outdoors now. Please respect your neighbors. We do not want to hear your dogs!

Orchids to Eddie teller at Wells Fargo for resolving my deposit problem so quickly, and being so pleasant. Appreciate it.

Onions to putting household trash out on the street. It makes Havasu look junky. We don’t have cc and r’s but if you don’t watch it, the city will demand you keep it clean. I’m from California and trust me, it can be very expensive.

Orchids to officer Berboza. Your act of kindness at Walgreens last Monday was a very thoughtful gesture and is much appreciated.

Onions to the company. I signed up five years ago and the company took all rebates. I could not afford to buy, took the lease. Big mistake. My monthly payment is up to $175. There aren’t enough panels. I am angry, very angry.

Onions to the legal dog walker on Vega Dr. You missed the point. Walking is fine. Not cleaning up after them and letting them pee on everyone’s mail boxes isn’t.

Onions to not saying beforehand that we pay for booze. $4 for bottled beer is totally outrageous. A friend and I almost walked out in protest. Next time, if you don’t supply drinks we’ll follow through, or at least I will.

Orchids to the lady at the Avon store for being so helpful when I was searching for body cream.

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