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Two Homeowners Wound Would-Be Intruders; No Charges Filed

December 17, 1986

Undated (AP) _ A Florida paraplegic shot an alleged would-be intruder whom he blamed for four earlier robberies or beatings, while a Boston man who ″wasn’t going to be a victim again″ shot a man who was trying to get into his house, authorities said.

Neither Norman Jones, 54, a former security guard, nor Dania, Fla., landlord Kirtley Estes, 46, had been charged by today.

Dania police Sgt. Phil Johnson said his department would recommend to the state attorney that no charges be filed against Estes. Boston police planned to refer Jones’ case to a clerk-magistrate for a decision on charges.

″I didn’t try to kill them,″ said Jones, who on Tuesday wounded two men he said were trying to rob him for the second time in three days. ″They were banging on the windows, trying to get in and I was scared.

″I tried to scare them or just wing them. If I wanted to kill them, I would have. I know how to handle a gun.″

Stephen Peevy, 24, and Anthony Wade, 21, both of Boston, were arrested Tuesday after Peevy sought hospital treatment, police said. They were charged with robbing Jones on Sunday and Tuesday’s attempted break-in.

Peevy was in satisfactory condition with a bullet wound in his left arm; Wade was treated for a wound to the left foot, but not admitted.

They also were charged, along with Kimberly Wilson, 22, with robbing a man at knifepoint Tuesday.

Jones, a former security guard licensed to possess a weapon, was not immediately charged, but police said they would ask a clerk-magistrate to decide if any charges should be filed.

The two men robbed Jones at knifepoint of $65 in cash, a portable radio and some grapes, Jones said. ″When the police came ... I told them I was tired of this. The drug trafficking around here is unbelievable.

″These junkies make life miserable for everybody.″

He said he bought a .22-caliber rifle Monday.

″My wife saw them on the fire escape out back,″ Jones said of Tuesday’s attempted break-in. ″The gun holds 14 shots. I fired until I emptied my rifle.

″I wasn’t going to be a victim again.″

In Dania, Estes said a Sunday break-in attempt at his apartment was the fifth time he had been victimized since October. He said he had been beaten, burglarized or robbed in the earlier incidents. Estes said he had been confined to a wheelchair since a car accident 29 years ago.

After the first incident, Estes said, he kept a .357-caliber Magnum handgun with him and would listen for intruders.

Early Sunday, he fired five shots through the window and hit Willie Lee Munnerlyn twice in the right thigh. Munnerlyn, 28, of Hollywood, was charged with armed burglary and held without bail, police said.

Estes said the 225-pound man was responsible for all five crimes.

″He just wouldn’t quit coming back until I did something,″ said Estes, who manages an apartment complex. ″It was clear. One of us was going to get his everlasting.″

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