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Missing Teacher Found in Texas

June 9, 2000

LUBBOCK, Texas (AP) _ A missing teacher who wandered the rugged terrain of west Texas for at least six days after his car got stuck was found Thursday with a sunburn and a few scrapes.

Robert Lemmon, 50, told authorities he stayed alive by eating cactus and following the Brazos River.

``We really figured that we would be looking for a cadaver,″ said Fisher County Sheriff’s Deputy Eliot Mize. ``After six days out there, we didn’t really expect that he would be alive ... the rattlesnakes are just everywhere out there.″

Lemmon’s 18-year-old son, Chris, said he worried about his father after not hearing from him since May 27. The family reported Lemmon missing on June 3.

Lemmon was hospitalized Thursday at Fisher County Hospital, where his son described him as ``a little sunburned and dehydrated″ but in good spirits.

Mize said authorities found Lemmon, who had traveled in three different directions from his abandoned car, about 10 miles from the vehicle.

``He shocked us when he walked up,″ Mize said. ``It was like he didn’t see us, even with all those vehicles there.″

A search team had been looking for Lemmon since Friday when his vehicle was found. Mize said Lemmon, a computer science teacher from Roscoe, told searchers his car got stuck while he was trying to take a scenic route from Sweetwater to Lubbock.

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