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Claim of Taliban Casualties Made

April 11, 2000

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) _ Afghanistan’s northern-based opposition repulsed a Taliban offensive in northern Jozjan province, killing at least 10 Taliban soldiers, an opposition spokesman said Tuesday.

The Taliban attacked Aabkhor in northern Jozjan province, 180 miles northwest of the capital Kabul on Monday, Asim Suhail said by telephone.

``But they were driven back after almost 24 hours of fighting,″ he said.

Two civilians were killed and two others were wounded. Opposition casualty figures were not immediately available, he said.

The Taliban, however, denied the reports of fighting in Jozjan, calling opposition statements propaganda.

``We have not attacked any place in Jozjan or in any other province. In fact, there has been no fresh fighting,″ said Abdul Rehman Hottak, the Taliban’s deputy information minister.

The Taliban rule almost 90 percent of Afghanistan, including Kabul. The opposition comprises religious and ethnic minorities and control the remaining 10 percent of Afghanistan.

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