Bam Margera is joining the ‘sober parade’

January 10, 2019

Bam Margera wants “to join the sober parade” after grieving through drinking.

The 39-year-old star - who recently checked into rehab for the third time - has opened up about how he used alcohol as a way of coping with the death of his friend Ryan Dunne following his death in a drink driving accident in 2011.

Taking to Instagram, he said: “I have spent enough time grieving over Ryan Dunn through alcohol. I’m 39 years old, the party is over.

“I dont plan on drinking anymore. I have wasted too much time at the bad and all my friends who needed decades of help are now all sober. I would like to join the sober parade. (sic)”

The former ‘Jackass’ star added that while he’s turned to writing to occupy his time while he gets treatment, it is difficult not being able to communicate with his loved ones.

He continued: “I don’t do well with not being allowed to facetime my wife and kid...I don’t do well with not being able to answer important calls with important people.”

His current stint in rehab comes a year after his last treatment which followed an arrest for driving under the influence.

It was reported earlier last year that pro skateboarder Bam had been sentenced to three years probation - including paying fines and fees - in the DUI case.

The incident came just weeks after he and his second wife Nicole Boyd - whom he married in October 2013 - welcomed their first child, son Phoenix Wolf, on December 23.

His former co-star Steve-O, 43, has also been open about his own battle with addiction, and shortly after Bam’s arrest he offered his friend some advice.

He said: “That’s all anyone wants - to see him happy or healthy. You just get to a certain point, you surrender to the process.c

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