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Judge Grants Taxi Driver Three Divorces So He Can Marry Again

February 23, 1990

ATLANTA (AP) _ Taxi driver Alie Dura Kamara got divorced this week - from all three of his wives. His lawyer says he wants to marry again.

″The gentleman is from West Africa, and I had to tell him that Americans have some strange and quaint habits about wives - only one at a time,″ said Kamara’s attorney, Gregory Z. Schroeder.

″It’s the first time I’ve granted three divorces at the same time to one man,″ Fulton Superior Court Senior Judge Charles A. Wofford said Thursday.

Wofford said he wondered how Kamara, 40, had avoided being charged with bigamy. Asked about that, District Attorney Lewis R. Slaton was frank about it. ″We don’t have any room in our jail for bigamists,″ he said. ″They’re just going to have to wait their turn. We’ll get to them when we can.″

Kamara married his first wife in 1976 in his native Sierra Leone, where having multiple wives is a sign of prosperity. The couple moved to the United States, then separated in 1981, according to court documents. He married a second woman in 1983, and separated from her before marrying in Atlanta for a third time in 1986. None of the women contested the divorce.

Kamara retained custody of two children.

Schroeder said Kamara wanted the divorces because he wants to ″clean up his life.″

″I think he wants to get married again,″ Schroeder added.

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