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Two Officers Suspended For Dye Prank

April 20, 1989

ROOSEVELT, Utah (AP) _ Two police officer who put invisible dye in restrooms in the city-county building and the mayor’s office have been suspended without pay for their April Fools’ Day prank.

″I had a brand new white shirt on and it’s ruined,″ said City Administrator Brad Hancock. ″The joke was done in extremely poor taste.″

The colorless powder dye is used by police to catch criminals and is normally put on money. It turns a dark purple when it comes into contact with skin. The dye is harmless but takes a while to wear off.

It was put on toilets and toilet paper in the city-county building’s restroom and Mayor Lawrence Yack’s office in this eastern Utah city of 3,800.

″One (city worker) went into the restroom to blow his nose and blew the dye all down his shirt, his pants and his shoes,″ said Hancock. ″He thought it was toxic or something and didn’t know if he was going to die or what.″

Officer Kim Olsen was suspended without pay for three days and Officer Steve Hooley for two days, Hancock said Wednesday. Olsen was given the additional day off because he had been formally warned once before following another prank, said Hancock.

The two policemen are appealing the suspension.

The mayor’s shirt and tie were ruined when he rubbed dye from his desk onto his clothes. Some of the mayor’s important paperwork was also damaged and had to be redone, said Hancock.

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