Monroeville begins process of collecting stormwater management fee

August 20, 2018

Monroeville started the process of implementing a Municipal Storm Sewer System, or MS4, fee for its residents and commercial properties during an agenda setting meeting Aug. 9.

The fee, assessed separately to residential and commercial properties, will fund improvements for Monroeville’s aging $36 million stormwater infrastructure.

Manager Tim Little said the municipality will determine a fee schedule by calculating “equivalent residential units,” or ERUs, the same calculation used by Mt. Lebanon, which implemented an MS4 fee in 2011. Residents there pay anywhere from $8 to $24 a month.

“There’s no tax - it’s a fee,” said Councilman Ron Harvey, who chairs a committee that has explored the issue since January. ”(The fee) varies for commercial businesses because it depends on their square footage of impervious surface.”

Harvey said 50 to 100 residential properties were taken into consideration when determining the amount of the monthly fee.

“All (residential) properties are to be charged the same,” Harvey said.

“Nobody likes paying additional fees but in the long run, when it fixes what we said it would, it’ll be worth it,” Harvey said. The councilman has said Monroeville’s stormwater infrastructure is “severely deteriorating.”

Council will vote on advertising an MS4 ordinance, a step needed in order to implement a fee, on Aug. 14. It will also appoint a designated engineer to oversee the MS4 program and a billing entity.

Pat Fulkerson, Monroeville’s tax collector, said during an Aug. 8 meeting the municipality should consider making the billing agency the municipality’s tax office instead of outsourcing the service.

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