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Sergeant Testifies in Army Sex Case

November 19, 1999

HEIDELBERG, Germany (AP) _ A U.S. Army sergeant who accused a high-ranking superior of sexual assault testified today that he took advantage of her after both had been drinking in his apartment.

The woman broke down in tears at one point while testifying at a military hearing to determine whether Sgt. Maj. Riley C. Miller should face a court martial.

Miller, 51, is the U.S. Army’s senior enlisted man in Europe and a highly decorated Vietnam veteran. The case is one of several in recent years involving sex charges against top U.S. soldiers.

Miller was charged last month with sodomy, kidnapping, assault and mistreating a subordinate in April. The woman was temporarily working for him as a driver at a U.S. military base in Hanau, outside Frankfurt.

The woman testified she and Miller had been drinking beer and tequila when she passed out. When she woke up, she said, she had been undressed and Miller was performing oral sex on her.

The woman said she tried to leave but Miller restrained her. She managed to free herself, get dressed and return to her own room.

The woman said she decided to report the incident to military authorities only after she was informed that she was being investigated for sexual misconduct herself. She said she did not know who filed the complaint.

Her supervisor, Sgt. Judith Dixon, later testified that the woman reported the alleged incident to her several days afterward and was ``very upset.″

Dixon said she confronted Miller, who told her he only remembered waking up and seeing the woman leaving the room. She said she considered Miller ``to be honest as a professional soldier and as a person.″

A court investigator must decide whether to recommend a court martial, but it was not immediately clear how soon that decision would come.

A 30-year military veteran, Miller was removed from his job and reassigned to other duties last month.

At the first hearing Nov. 9, a soldier who said he dated the woman said she called him in mid-April to say ``something happened″ while she was working for Miller. Sgt. Jason Hughes said she told him she had not been hurt and there had been no sexual intercourse.

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