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March 20, 1987

REDMOND, Wash. (AP) _ So when is a billionaire not a billionaire?

William Gates was a computer stock billionaire for a day, but the market was unkind to the 31-year-old founder and chairman of Microsoft Corp., and his stock holdings dropped to just a little over $994 million.

Stock in the software company fell $1 a share to $90.25 on Friday. Every time Microsoft’s price rises or falls a point, Gates gets $11 million richer or poorer.

Gates had become a billionaire in the personal computer business on Thursday when the price of Microsoft stock rose to $91.25 a share in national over-the-counter trading. That made his approximately 11,019,000 shares worth about $1,005,480,000.

Gates, a Harvard University dropout, was traveling in South America and was unavailable for comment.


LOS ANGELES (AP) - Actor Sean Penn showed up in court four hours before an arrest warrant would have gone into effect in a battery case in which he was accused of fighting with a man he said tried to kiss his wife, singer-actress Madonna.

Penn was booked for misdemeanor battery Friday.

He pleaded no contest last month to one count of misdemeanor battery on songwriter David Wolinski. Municipal Court Commissioner Juelann Cathey had ordered Penn to pay fines and penalties of $1,700, complete booking by Friday and serve 12 months probation.

Wolinski says Penn pushed him off a chair and kicked him at Helena’s Nightclub last year after he had greeted Madonna.


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - A group of Hollywood celebrities including Jane Fonda and Jeff Bridges want to meet with Gov. George Deukmejian about the state’s new clean-water law, but the governor may not be available.

The group of 20 also includes Donna Mills, Veronica Hamel, Ally Sheedy and Kristy McNichol, their publicists said.

They want Proposition 65, passed by voters in November, to ban more chemicals from discharge into drinking water. State health officials recommended Deukmejian issue a list of more than 200 chemicals, but the administration has put only 29 chemicals on the list so far.

Deukmejian spokeswoman Donna Lipper said the governor has other meet ings scheduled Monday but offered to make top aides available.


SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - Bubba Smith, the former NFL football player who relinquished a lucrative beer commercial contract to avoid sending the wrong message to youth, has urged Utah teens to stay away from drugs.

Smith delivered the keynote speech Friday at the annual Utah Federation for Drug-Free Youth Conference at the University of Utah.

The former defensive lineman of the Baltimore Colts encouraged the teens to withstand peer pressure to use drugs or anything else that would disappoint their parents, and introduced his own parents, Willie Ray Smith Sr. and Georgia Smith as he described his youth in Beaumont, Texas.

He recalled that his father, who coached, told Smith and his brothers, ‴If you’re not twice as good as the guy you are competing against, you will not play.‴


LOS ANGELES (AP) - Jazz drummer Buddy Rich is in good condition and out of an intensive-care ward following removal of a tumor on the right side of his brain, officials say.

″He’s talking and moving around,″ said Joan Resnick, business manager for Rich, 69, who played with some of the top bandleaders in the country before organizing his own band 21 years ago.

Mike Byrne, a spokesman for UCLA Medical Center, where Rich had surgery this week, said Friday that Rich was in good condition and ″out of danger.″


PANAMA CITY, Panama (AP) - Ballet star Rudolf Nureyev, at the invitation of long-time ballet partner Margot Fonteyn, joined dancers from the Paris Opera in a benefit performance for poor children in Panama.

Miss Fonteyn, 68, lives outside the capital on a cattle ranch with her Panamanian husband, Roberto Arias.

″She is my dear friend of the soul, she is so loving and enthusiastic,″ Nureyev said. ″For her I have come to Panama.″

Mariela Diaz de Delvalle, wife of Panamanian President Eric Delvalle, sponsored the benefit.

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