D.L. Meyer: Liberals against the wall

February 22, 2019

Editor: Liberals, please explain to our nation why you don’t want secure borders? Instead of telling us what you think doesn’t work tell us how you would solve the problem created by open borders? We have illegals running through 49 of 50 states except the one island group that has an ocean to protect them. Why do you deem it necessary for tax paying citizens to fund huge amounts of money to support people here illegally? These are questions that need to be answered in order for people with common sense to try to understand your position.

Most people are tired of your child-like behavior and tantrums. Instead of your constant innuendoes, threats and misdirection please try to have an understanding of our constitution and what it takes to be a patriot. This country is not yours to give away, too many lives and too much blood has been spilled to form this nation and give you the freedom to behave like spoiled brats. Use these freedoms for the betterment of our nation instead of your pipe dreams. Leave socialism and communism to the idiots that think a one class system will work. It has been proven many times over those systems don’t work.

D.L. Meyer

Lake Havasu City