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Rafsanjani: Million Man March Inspired By Iran’s Islamic Message

October 20, 1995

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) _ The president of Iran said Friday the strong Islamic undertones of the Million Man March are proof that Iran’s revolutionary message has been carried to all parts of the world.

``An important point of the march, and one which must have been very bitter for the American (government) to swallow, were the Islamic manifestations of this congregation,″ President Hashemi Rafsanjani told worshipers during weekly prayers at Tehran University.

``The march was an indication of the deep sociopolitical crises in the United States,″ he told worshipers, who chanted anti-American slogans.

Monday’s Million Man March was attended by anywhere from 400,000 to 870,000 black American men, according to different estimates. The march was organized by the Nation of Islam and opened with Arabic recitations from the Koran, Islam’s holy book.

``It seems to me that these recitations had the same effect on the arrogant American (government), as the call of Islam had on the idol worshiping pagans,″ Rafsanjani said.

He said the U.S. government ``surely doesn’t want to admit that this is related to the growing Islamic movement in the world ... carried from Iran to other countries.″

Rafsanjani said the march showed Iranians their sacrifices since the 1979 Islamic revolution have not been in vain.

``Our message is carried on the wings of angels. It is not confined to our geographical boundaries... If anyone is alone, it is the arrogant American (government),″ he said.

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