TC Line: U-turns OK on Hover?

March 23, 2019

Hover St. U-turns

I’m just wondering if it is now legal to make U-turns on Hover (Street) near the mall. Three times this week someone has made a U-turn, and I have almost gotten hit. I had to stop immediately. And it’s just getting to be very common, and the speed limit is not being followed in Longmont on any road, I don’t think. I don’t know what’s happening, if it’s people that have just moved in and don’t know how to follow the rules or whatever, but please stop making U-turns right on a busy street like Hover.

Mayor’s U-turn

This is about the mayor’s U-turn. A group of us discussed this yesterday over coffee. So the person who called in is not the only one upset.

Climate, mountains

This is about people moving out of Florida and Miami in general because of climate change. It looks like that’s hitting home here now. Swanky ski homes could lose value as climate change hits resorts. It’s going to be tough to ski without any snow on the ground there, folks. ... Anybody who doesn’t believe in climate change, why don’t you ... find the articles about all the bodies they’re finding up on Mount Everest. ... The snow is melting so fast that all these people that died decades ago are now being exposed there.

Place to go at park

Hey, Longmont. How about our porta-pot at Roosevelt Park for the kids and the adults and the grandparents? It’s a beautiful park, lots of people. Where’s our porta-pot? Come on, Longmont. A little common sense, please.

Messing with vets

This is to veterans. If Trump messes with one of us, he messes with all of us. So please remember John McCain, especially all of us Vietnam veterans.

Disrespecting McCain

That was a great political cartoon in Friday’s edition of the paper. It truly shows that just when we think Trump can’t get any lower, he further disgraces himself by (disrespecting) a wonderful man who served his country well. And it’s just disgusting that Trump is acting the way he is about John McCain.

Taking our money

I hear we’re going to have all day baby-sitters — I mean kindergarten — now. Polis got his wish. Boy, what else can they think of to take our money?

Dem lip service

President Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” And now all these years later, the Democrats are trying to get involved in every single aspect of our lives — bigger government, more intrusion, it’s utterly overwhelming. Meanwhile they’re not doing anything that the people need, like road building and infrastructure improvements. Just a lot of lip service.

Electoral College

It’s meant so much to our founding fathers to establish the Electoral College, yet the current Democratic Party wants to ignore it.