Arch to bring management philosophy to Lincoln

November 8, 2018

John Arch, who for 30 years has managed the affairs of Boys Town’s health care division, will now help guide the entire state as the state senator from District 14.

Arch, 62, won election to the Legislature Tuesday night as the representative of an area composed largely of the cities of Papillion and La Vista.

Arch won comfortably, leading by about 12 percentage points Wednesday over Jeff Parris.

During his campaign, Arch said planning is a better approach to government than reacting. The key to success, for the state as for private businesses, he said, is growth. In the case of the state, he said, economic growth, and the consequent increase in tax revenue, is the key to funding essential services and investing where senators decide investments should be made.

Arch, a Republican, will be sworn into office Jan. 9.

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