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Congress Approves Ban On Lawn Darts

October 22, 1988

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Congress passed legislation on Friday ordering the government to ban the sale of lawn darts, a game that is blamed for the deaths of three children and injuries to thousands of others.

On a 304-51 vote, the House approved a bill ordering the Consumer Product Safety Commission to prohibit sale of the darts within 60 days unless it determines that the game cannot cause puncture wounds. Hours later, the Senate approved it on a voice vote and sent the legislation to President Reagan.

The darts currently must carry warning labels stating that the game is not for children. They also can be sold only in sporting goods departments, and not in toy stores or toy departments.

Last year, however, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said that none of the 21 models of lawn darts complied with those regulations.

Three children have died from lawn dart injuries in the last eight years and several have been blinded. An estimated 6,100 people have been treated for injuries from the game, of which 81 percent were children under age 15.

The commission already is considering banning the darts.

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