Curly hair, bagels, llamas, mosquitoes and more in latest Apple emoji release

October 4, 2018

A sample of the new emoji coming soon to Apple devices.

Curly-haired people rejoice.

There will soon be an emoji for you.

Same goes for bald people, hikers, knitters, cupcake enthusiasts, bagel aficionados, raccoons, kangaroos and llamas.

More than 70 new emoji will be coming to Apple phones, tablets and watches in a future update to its new iOS 12 operating system, the company announced this week. The new characters will also be available on Apple computers. Android users will have to wait for the new emoji to be available on those phones.

The new Apple emoji include redheads, a bald man and woman and curly hair. There is a lobster, a swan, a mosquito and a llama. Cupcakes, bagels, fruits and veggies round out a balanced emoji meal. And there’s a skateboard, a hiking boot, a Frisbee, a ball of yarn and a suitcase.

Apple first announced the new emoji to celebrate World Emoji Day on July 17. The calendar emoji displays that date.

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