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Siblings Accused of Killing Relatives

February 10, 2005

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) _ When they were pulled over for speeding in Missouri, the brother and sister told police they were on their way to Las Vegas. They appeared nervous to the officers and gave conflicting stories about their trip.

In the car, police discovered bloody clothes and bedding, as well as jewelry, cash, credit cards and the driver’s licenses of two older people in Indiana.

Eventually, the sister told police that her brother killed their mother and grandparents, whose remains were found under recently poured concrete in the basement of the grandparents’ Indianapolis home, police said.

Kenneth Allen, 29, and Kari Allen, 18, charged Wednesday with three counts each of murder and conspiracy to commit murder, along with two counts of robbery, hours after authorities dug a leg bone from the concrete.

``It’s the most horrific thing I’ve ever seen,″ Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi said.

The charges in a probable cause affidavit allege Kenneth Allen stabbed his mother, Sharon Allen, 53, to death Dec. 30 in her Noblesville apartment after she refused to help in the plot to kill her parents.

On Jan. 3, Kenneth Allen allegedly lured his 75-year-old grandmother, Betty Bradley, to the apartment in the Indianapolis suburb by telling her that Sharon Allen was sick. He smothered Bradley with a plastic bag, Brizzi said.

Later that day, Kenneth Allen went to his grandparents’ home and bludgeoned his 91-year-old grandfather, Leander Bradley, to death with a hammer, the affidavit states.

Brizzi said Kenneth Allen used a saw to cut up the bodies of his mother and grandmother and took the remains to the Bradleys’ home.

Allen and his sister used a rented jackhammer and concrete mixer to open up a 6-foot-square hole in the floor of their grandparents’ basement where the bodies of all three victims _ Leander Bradley’s intact, the others dismembered _ were entombed in concrete, the affadavit said.

The siblings were heading to Las Vegas with their relatives’ cash when they were pulled over Tuesday in St. Charles, near St. Louis, police said.

Kari Allen, a high school senior, said she served as a ``lookout″ when her brother killed their mother and grandparents, according to police. The brother later acknowledged his involvement, police said.

Kenneth Allen has agreed to return from Missouri to face charges in Indiana. His sister asked for a public defender and has not agreed to extradition, authorities said. The siblings were being held without bond in a Missouri jail.

Brizzi said Kenneth Allen plotted the killings to get at his grandparents’ money, including about $200,000 in bank accounts, after his November release from a federal prison in Kentucky, where he had served time for counterfeiting.

Indianapolis police Sgt. Steve Staletovich said the credit cards found in the siblings’ car belonged to their grandparents.

Forensic teams dug out six bags of remains from the concrete pit of the grandparents’ home on the east side of Indianapolis on Wednesday. The Marion County Coroner was expected to analyze the victims’ bodies Thursday.

Brizzi said Kenneth Allen and his sister both could face the death penalty.

``While she may not have directly participated in the physical murder, she acted as a lookout,″ he said.

Laveda Stoner, who lives two houses down from the Bradleys’ home, said Kenneth and Kari Allen were inside the house this past week. She said she was sick to know that they were there with the victims’ bodies.

``It gives me goose bumps thinking about it,″ Stoner said.

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