Former LDS missionary companions start business together

May 17, 2019

PRESTON — Chris Coleman and Raymond Terrell recently opened a new disaster restoration business in Preston.

Ace Restoration began conducting business in December. The licensed, insured, bonded and certified company can be called for help cleaning up from floods and fires, as well as for carpet cleaning.

It’s not the first time Coleman, a Preston native, and Terrell, an Arizona native, have worked together.

The pair met while serving missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Texas 20 years ago.

The experience kindled a brotherhood that has grown over the years and extended to other members of their family.

Recently Terrell, a former business analyst with a tech company, decided he was tired of traveling the world to sit at a desk. He wanted to use his hands and took a job working with concrete.

Then Coleman decided he had spent enough time maintaining machinery for a cheese factory. They both were looking for something they could do that would allow them to interact with the people they helped in their jobs.

“I like to help people,” Coleman said. “I like to be the one that says, ‘I got this. Don’t worry about this.’”

Terrell’s cousin was in the disaster restoration business and Terrell thought it would fit the bill for what both of them were looking for. He came to Preston and, once he adjusted to the colder temperatures, decided the atmosphere was where he wanted to do business.

“The thing I think you can compare it to is Big J’s (a restaurant in Preston). They say ‘Hello,’ when you get there and ask how they can help you,” he said.

Terrell is discovering the small town atmosphere and enjoys running into family, friends and classmates of Coleman as they go to appointments.

The gregarious relationship Coleman has with them is one the old friends want to have with their customers, said Terrell. And what will set them apart in the industry, Coleman said, is that they clean their equipment between jobs, show up when they say they will and are honest.

Terrell is looking forward to bringing his family up and being part of the community.