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Presidential Candidates Charges Attack On Campaign

May 5, 1986

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (AP) _ The presidential candidate of the governing Dominican Revolutionary Party said armed opposition workers attacked his campaign caravan Sunday, and police said two people were killed and 15 others were wounded.

Candidate Jacobo Majluta told reporters Sunday night that the attack occurred in the costal town of Boca Chica, 28 miles east of Santo Domingo when his caravan met another carrying senatorial candidate Jacinto Peynaldo of the opposition Social Christian Reform Party.

Police confirmed that a shootout occurred and provided casualty figures, but gave few other details.

The Police Public Information Office said one of the dead was Francisco Munoz, reportedly a Revolutionary Party activist. Police also said two of the wounded were in serious condition, and that one of those shot was an army sergeant acting as a bodyguard.

The Reform Party is headed by former President Joaquin Balaguer, who is a candidate for president in the May 16 elections.

Talking with reporters at his residence in Santo Domingo, Majluta said armed men accompanying Paynaldo fired on the Revolutionary Party caravan with shotguns and other firearms.

″Miraculously, I wasn’t killed,″ he said.

Journalist Tulio Navarrete, who witnessed the shooting, said several vehicles also were set on fire. He said police did not intervene immediately, but later arrested several people. There was no confirmation of that.

Majluta presented to reporters two of his bodyguards whom he said were wounded by shotgun fire. They made no statements.

Majluta also pointed out bullet holes in a jeep, and said he, his wife Ana Elisa and their daughter Elisa had been riding in the vehicle.

Nieces and Nephews of Majulta were in other vehicles in the caravan along with party officials, including Jose Francisco Pena Gomez, the mayor of Santo Domingo.

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