Oregon Trail Community Foundation sponsors Rachel’s Challenge

August 9, 2018

SCOTTSBLUFF — The Oregon Trail Community Foundation is working with Rachel’s Challenge to help stimulate a kinder, more compassionate culture within our schools and community, not just for students, but for faculty, parents and the community members.

Using the story of Rachel Scott, the first victim of the Columbine High School tragedy, Rachel’s Challenge awakens individual hope, desire and purpose; which in turn promotes safer, more connected school communities. A Rachel’s Challenge staff member will share Rachel’s story with the entire community, beginning Sept. 11 at the Midwest Theater for Bayard, Bridgeport, Morrill, Mitchell and Minatare schools. The following two days (Sept. 12 and Sept. 13) the program will be presented to Scottsbluff and Gering, with a community presentation following. Every citizen is invited and urged to attend these presentations. More specific times will be announced on the Oregon Trail Community Foundation’s website and Facebook page.

Dr. Robert Marzano, respected education researcher and author states, “Rachel’s Challenge is the most powerful intervention I have seen in 40 years of working in education.” Rachel’s story unlocks the desire for change. Then, its programs come alongside the existing efforts of the school to sustain a culture where harassment, bullying and violence are reduced; and where teachers are free to teach and students are awakened to learn.

An independent study conducted by Multi-Dimensional Education, LLC, a nationally recognized educational program evaluator, found that, “Schools implementing Rachel’s Challenge with fidelity achieved statistically significant gains in community engagement, faculty/student relationships, leadership potential, and school climate; along with a reduction in bullying behavior.”

Using age-appropriate programming for K-12, Rachel’s Challenge schools have reported up to 84% reductions in disciplinary referrals. Over 150 suicides are averted annually, as reported by students themselves. In a pre- and post-attitudinal survey of 9,881 students from across the US, respondents report a 282 percent increase in the number of students feeling safe at school after participating in Rachel Challenge.

In the pursuit of its mission to awaken individual transformation and promote safer, more connected schools, Rachel’s Challenge has reached over 24 million students, educators and community members in live settings. Rachel’s Challenge continues to work hard to turn the ideals of kindness and compassion into actionable strategies that help promote safe and productive learning environments.

For more information about Rachel’s Challenge, visit www.rachelschallenge.org.

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