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Demonstrators Clash at Ultra-Rightist Party Convention

July 8, 1989

BERLIN (AP) _ Hundreds of leftist demonstrators clashed Saturday with police guarding a convention of the ultra-right Republican Party, and two officers were injured and 13 people were arrested, authorities said.

Police used water cannons to disperse the leftists, who hurled rocks, bottles and sticks at police and squad cars, said West Berlin police spokesman Heinz Jaenisch.

He said the injured officers were hit by rocks.

Jaenisch said 3,000 leftists had gathered in West Berlin’s Kreuzberg district near the hall where the Republicans were holding their convention. About 450 people who broke away from the main group were involved in the disturbances, Jaenisch said.

He said police moved against the protesters with nightsticks and water cannons.

The ultra-rightist Republican Party, whose platform calls for ridding West Germany of foreigners and asylum seekers, won 11 seats in West Berlin’s legislature in January, after getting 7.5 percent of the vote. It was the first time the party had won a seat in the legislature.

More than 260,000 foreigners reside in West Berlin, which has a population of about 1.9 million people.

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