Deafheaven and Baroness bring new music to the Knit

March 19, 2019

Get ready, fans of Deafheaven and Baroness; there will be lots of new music to be heard at this show, Sunday at the Knitting Factory.

San Francisco’s Deafheaven released its fourth album, “Ordinary Corrupt Human Love,” in July.

One of the singles, “Honeycomb,” earned the band its first Grammy nomination for best metal performance.

“Every little thing was deliberate, and we worked on this really hard,” vocalist George Clarke said about the album. “When I hear it, it sounds to me like five dudes that care about each other and care about making music.”

Baroness announced its upcoming album “Gold & Grey” earlier this month. On its Instagram, the band wrote that this album would be its final chromatically themed record, following “Red Album,” “Blue Record,” “Yellow & Green” and “Purple.”

“On ‘Gold & Grey’ we have taken some unexpected paths on a labyrinthine sonic adventure,” drummer Sebastian Thomson said in a press release. “We accepted sounds and styles that have not appeared on previous Baroness albums, and I’m excited to welcome our fans into our new lair.”