Frost ‘expects great things’ from large Husker walk-on group

February 7, 2019

Nebraska formally added 15 walk-ons to its roster on Wednesday, bringing the 2019 class total to 23 so far.

The Huskers likely aren’t totally done adding just yet — Iowa Western offensive lineman Joshua Wegener, for instance, is planning on joining the program this summer — but the class has largely taken shape.

“I expect great things out of these walk-ons,” coach Scott Frost said Wednesday. “I think it’ll be very soon when some of those guys start helping us and, down the road a little further, I think a lot of those guys are going to contribute playing and hopefully start for us.”

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The 15 players added Wednesday include 13 in-state prospects plus Colorado natives and Loveland High teammates Riley Kinney and Zach Weinmaster. All but a pair — Elkhorn South running back Cooper Jewett and Lincoln East linebacker Braden Sellon — had been previously reported by the Journal Star.

“I want good people, and I want athletic potential,” Frost said. “Some of the guys we have are big and have huge frames and are good athletes.”

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The head coach cited former walk-on and NFL offensive lineman Spencer Long as the model citizen, a high school tight end who came in and developed into a professional-caliber player.

Frost said he aims to keep collecting large walk-on classes, but that the selection process isn’t going to get any easier.

“I’m not going to just let guys be on the team just to be on the team,” Frost said. “So, it’s going to be competitive just like your opportunity to be a starter is competitive. That will put us in a really good place of where we have the right type of kids: Kids that are on the team for the right reasons and hungry to be here.”

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