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Son of Conservative Activist Phyllis Schlafly Discusses His Homosexuality

September 18, 1992

CHICAGO (AP) _ The son of Phyllis Schlafly acknowleged today that he is a homosexual and said he doesn’t see conservative Republican activists like his mother as ″gay bashers or bigots.″

John Schlafly, a 41-year-old attorney who lives and works with his mother in Alton, Ill., said a New York magazine wrote a story two weeks ago disclosing his homosexuality. He said he was approached by the San Francisco Examiner and other media and decided to discuss it.

″Can’t we all just get along?″ he asked in an Examiner interview published today, repeating Rodney King’s plea after the Los Angeles riots. ″Can’t we just make a little more of an effort to understand the other side and turn down the hostility level?″

His mother, the founder of the conservative Eagle Forum and an outspoken critic of the Equal Rights Amendment, sex education in schools and alternative lifestyles, told The Associated Press today: ″He is my son and I do love him. What else is there to say? I’m not going to comment on his life.″

Mrs. Schlafly said she ″generally supports″ the Republican Party platform on homosexuality, which opposes same-sex marriages and declaring gays a protected minority, and favors barring them from military.

John Schlafly said he supports many of his mother’s positions.

″In general, I support the conservative position and the family values movement,″ Schlafly told the AP. ″I don’t see those people as gay bashers or bigots.″

Mrs. Schlafly said the reports are politically motivated.

″I think it’s obviously a political hit to me - the whole story,″ she said. ″I was extremely successful in Houston and a lot of people are unhappy about that.″

At the Republican National Convention in Houston in August, Schlafly said religious conservatives were responsible for the adoption of a 1992 platform calling for a constitutional amendment to ban abortions.

Television evangelist Pat Robertson introduced Schlafly to the convention by saying, ″If it were not for this lady, we would have had homosexual rights written into the Constitution. She defeated ERA.″

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