Letter: TV station was manipulated by Trump

October 12, 2018

Management at KTTC chose to air the live Trump/Republican rally in Rochester, giving them 75 minutes of free, prime air time. Aren’t the FCC’s equal time rules still in effect?

If a sitting president was in town to make a policy speech, or to commemorate a Mayo advance or some other local deed, it could be deemed newsworthy. In the 10 p.m. news report, KTTC presented a very short story about the local DFL mobilizing for canvassing during the rally. But our local anchor man then told giddily his story about his exclusive interview and time backstage with the president.

The master marketeer took advantage of KTTC management by trading a 2-minute interview for 75 minutes of free air time on KTTC. Until KTTC gives the Democrats 75 minutes in prime time, I’ll get my local news from KAAL, KIMT, and Twin Cities stations.

Daniel Rand, Rochester

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