Valley Santa Donations 12/22/2018

December 22, 2018

Many people have donated to Valley Santa to purchase Christmas gifts for children in need throughout Luzerne County. Donors include: Robert and Denise Snee, $50. John and Patricia Clifford, $20. In loving memory of our beloved daughter Jonni Marie Long by John Long and Bobbi Gardner, $25. In memory of Charles W. Galinski by wife, children and grandchildren, $50. Lucinda and John Korus, $50. Alice and Thomas Gill, $25. Nancy Hagan McLaughlin, $50. In memory of Mom Bette Snyder, $25. Mary and Carl Bozinko, $20. Deborah and James Phillips III, $50. Thomas and Evelyn Williams, $25. Anthony Menendez, $25. In memory of Beverly Ann Tensa by husband Robert, $25. Catherine and Thomas Bat, $25. In memory of Joseph and Lisa Keselevach by family, $15. From Lavelle “great” grandchildren, $25. In memory of Albert and Dorothy Adrian by Len and Barbara Insalaco, $25. In memory of Leonard C. Insalaco II by Len and Barbara Insalaco, $25. Richard Grula, $50. In memory of Joseph Kozak Jr. and Diane Kozak by Ellen and Carrie Anne Kozak, $50. In memory of Great Grandparents Rosemary and Joseph Long Sr. and James Conlon Jr. by Patrick Michael Johnson and the Conlon and Johnson families, $125.

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