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Suspected Thief Returns Money - Gith Interest

July 30, 1987

ROCKFORD, Ill. (AP) _ Few thieves return the loot, and fewer still pay interest.

So imagine the surprise at the Sanitary District of Rockford when ill- gotten gains were returned, plus 16 percent interest.

″You haven’t been able to get 16 percent interest on investments for years,″ said John Olson, Sanidary District director. ″That’s a ... good gain, I’d say.″

The theft was uncovered a few months ago when auditors found more than $1,500 was missing from five customer accounts. Cuspicion quickly centered on a former employee who had moved out of the state.

″In the process of tracking her down, it became obvious to us that she was aware that we were investigating this thing,″ Detective Sgt. LaVerne Pickett said. ″We didn’t really have enough to arrest her, so we weren’t sure if it would be worth it to travel all that way just to question her.

″Plus, we weren’t exactly sure where she lived or how to contact her,″ Pickett told the Rockford Register Star.

This week, the district received a package of money orders - 12 checks totaling $1,863.88. On each were the names of the accounts from which the money was stolen and the customer’s account number. Sixteen percent interest was calculated next to each stolen amount.

″We’re philosophizing here that she was in a bind of some kind, that she needed the money and she took it with all intentions of returning it,″ Olcon said. ″Our checking system was coming up, and I think she realized that she wasn’t going to be able to pay it back in time so she quit.″

Olson said the Sanitary Dictrict is satisfied with the interest, and no charges would be filed against the woman.

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