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Kevorkian Present At Mich. Suicide

January 19, 1998

PONTIAC, Mich. (AP) _ A transsexual woman with AIDS has committed suicide in the presence of Dr. Jack Kevorkian and a doctor apparently under the tutelage of the retired pathologist.

Carrie Hunter, 35, of San Francisco suffered from AIDS-related complications, Kevorkian lawyer Michael Schwartz said Sunday night after the body was found at a motel by police.

Kevorkian and Dr. Georges Reding _ a Kalamazoo psychiatrist who has said he is doing a ``fellowship″ in assisted suicide with Kevorkian _ were present for the woman’s death, Schwartz said.

Ms. Hunter, who began her life as a man and had an operation to change her sex, had uncontrollable nausea, an enlarged spleen and trouble controlling her bowels. She also had lesions in her lungs and indications of a form of pneumonia found in AIDS patients that is often fatal.

Police were notified of the body by the owner of the Sagamore Motel. Police Sgt. Robert Ford said the body was found with a note with Kevorkian and Reding’s names, along with the woman’s name, age and disease.

Kevorkian has refused to disclose the number of suicides he has attended. A a Dec. 31 news conference, he put the number at between 80 and 100.

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