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May 21, 2019


LOS ANGELES (AP) — Now that people have had a chance to see, they’ve been having their say. Sunday’s series finale of “Game of Thrones” produced a series of reactions, from everyone from cast members to fans and other celebrities. Actress Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys, tells Entertainment Weekly she’s pleased with how the finale turned out, even though she ended up being killed. She calls her final moments “beautiful and touching.” Columnist Jemele Hill wasn’t crazy about the outcome, which saw Bran ascend to victory. In a tweet, she dissed him as “a wack archer.” Some critics felt after a seven-season buildup, the final Game of Thrones episodes seemed in a rush to tie up loose ends. Gina Carbone of CinemaBlend said Season 8 of Game of Thrones “felt like a Wikipedia summary more than a full story being told.”



066394-r-332:88-(Sound from “Game of Thrones” theme)-”(music fades)”-And the winner of the ‘Game of Thrones’ is ... (20 May 2019)

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LOS ANGELES (AP) — We know people watched the finale of “Game of Thrones.” Now we know how many. The 73rd edition of the HBO drama attracted 19.3 million viewers. That’s nearly a million more than last week’s next-to-last episode. The last episode is now the most-viewed program of any kind in HBO history. The finale also had another continuity gaffe. This time, sharp-eyed viewers spotted a plastic water bottle at the feet of Samwell Tarly. Earlier this season, a paper coffee cup was spotted on a table during one scene.


PONTIAC, Mich. (AP) — At first, it appeared Aretha Franklin died without a will. Now it turns out she not only had one, but three. An attorney for the late Queen of Soul says the documents, all handwritten, were found at the suburban Detroit home where Franklin lived. Two were in a locked cabinet after a key was found. The third was in a spiral notebook under some living room cushions. The lawyer, David Bennett, says the one in the notebook appears to be the most recent. He also says the documents have been filed in probate court _ and a hearing on the matter is set for next month.



066544-w-336:48-(Oscar Wells Gabriel, AP entertainment editor)-“I’m Oscar Wells Gabriel”-3 handwritten wills found in Aretha Franklin’s home (21 May 2019)

¤¤CUT ´066544 (05/21/19)££ 336:48 “I’m Oscar Wells Gabriel”

066545-w-403:44-(Oscar Wells Gabriel, AP entertainment editor)-“I’m Oscar Wells Gabriel”-3 handwritten wills found in Aretha Franklin’s home (21 May 2019)

¤¤CUT ´066545 (05/21/19)££ 403:44 “I’m Oscar Wells Gabriel”

066546-c-179:52-(Oscar Wells Gabriel, AP entertainment editor)-“for next month”-3 handwritten wills found in Aretha Franklin’s home (21 May 2019)

¤¤CUT ´066546 (05/21/19)££ 179:52 “for next month”

066547-c-175:92-(Oscar Wells Gabriel, AP entertainment editor)-“dated March, 2014”-3 handwritten wills found in Aretha Franklin’s home (21 May 2019)

¤¤CUT ´066547 (05/21/19)££ 175:92 “dated March, 2014”

066548-r-573:60-(Sound of Aretha Franklin performing “Respect”)-“music fades”-3 handwritten wills found in Aretha Franklin’s home (21 May 2019)

¤¤CUT ´066548 (05/21/19)££ 573:60 “music fades”


CHICAGO (AP) — A judge in Chicago has rejected a request to have a judge outside Chicago consider whether to appoint a special prosecutor in the Jussie Smollett case. Judge Michael Toomin, says he isn’t convinced that it would be a conflict for judges in Cook County to make the decision. A former appellate judge has called for a special prosecutor to determine why prosecutors dropped charges against the “Empire” actor. You’ll remember Smollett said he was the victim of a hate crime _ only to have police determine he staged the attack. Smollett was hit with a series of felony charges, which were later dropped.


LAS VEGAS (AP) — A lawyer says “Jersey Shore” star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s on-again-off-again girlfriend will fight a misdemeanor domestic battery charge against her. The lawyer for Jennifer Annette Harley says he’s surprised his client was arrested last week on a warrant issued last month. The warrant comes more than four months after the alleged attack took place at a Las Vegas club on New Year’s Eve. Harley is due in court tomorrow in the case.


INDEPENDENCE, Iowa (AP) — Today’s the day a northern Iowa farmer who was on “The Bachelor” will learn his fate in court. Today’s sentencing was put into motion last week when a judge refused to delay the reckoning. Chris Soules pleaded guilty late last year to a reduced charge of leaving the scene of a serious injury accident. He was arrested after he rear-ended a tractor more than two years ago, killing a neighbor, also a farmer. Soules called 911 and did CPR on the neighbor until first responders reached the scene. But he left for home before police arrived.


WASHINGTON (AP) — If you’ve been tuning in to Fox News recently, you could be forgiven for double-checking the channel listings. Among those turning up on Fox lately are Democrats Bernie Sanders, Amy Klobuchar and, most recently, Pete Buttigieg (BOO’-tuh-juhj). The appearances seem to be irking President Donald Trump, who has had the Fox airwaves to himself during his time in office. Speaking at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania yesterday, Trump asked, “What’s going on with Fox, by the way? What’s going on there? They’re putting more Democrats on than you have Republicans.” He added, “Something strange is going on at Fox, folks.”

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