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No Joke - Bart Simpson Seeking Office

August 22, 1990

SAN ANTONIO (AP) _ It’s no joke: Texas voters may get a chance to put Bart Simpson in the Legislature.

It isn’t Bart Simpson, the underachieving cartoon character. It’s Bart Simpson the 24-year-old businessman.

Businessman Bart told Bexar County Republican Party officials this week he’d like to run for the District 115 House seat.

Nobody entered the GOP primary last spring for the seat, long held by Democrats. Party officials are checking to see if they can nominate a candidate for the general election.

Bart, the would-be politician, quips his campaign might get a boost from Bart, the star of TV’s ″The Simpsons.″

″I do have a name that people would recognize,″ said Simpson, who works for a company that makes construction loans. But he hastened to add: ″I’ve wanted to be a state representative since I was in high school.″

Simpson said he’s unsure how he’d list his name on the ballot.

″I’ve gone by Bart my entire life,″ he said, but added that he might adopt his full name, Barton, to head off cowabunga gibes.

Steven Heinrich, executive director of the Bexar County Republican Party, said Simpson almost got laughed off the line when he called party officials Monday to say he was interested in running.

″Everyone thought it was a joke,″ Heinrich said. But the party is taking Simpson seriously, at least some of the time.

″If the Democrats can put up Gene Kelly, we can run Bart Simpson,″ said Heinrich.

The Gene Kelley who isn’t a dancer is a San Antonio lawyer - and the surprise winner of the Democratic primary for a Texas Supreme Court nomination.

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