Madigan should put words into action

January 10, 2019

Have you found a touch of irony in a political ad that recently has surfaced on the television airwaves?

In the ad can be seen long-time Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan, who is seemingly rejoicing over his current status.

Just a few short months ago, Madigan appeared in some other ads, but not in a flattering fashion. These were ads pushing Gov. Bruce Rauner’s bid to get re-elected, and in the spots, Republican Rauner targeted Madigan more than his actual opponent, J.B. Pritzker.

These ads firmly blamed Madigan for the state’s multitude of woes, and continued a five-year pattern where Rauner attacked Madigan at every turn.

But now, Rauner is out and Madigan remains entrenched. While Pritzker will seemingly hold the role as the state’s leading Democrat because he will be governor, it’s Madigan who long has held the most sway in the state’s corridors of power.

In the current ad, Madigan makes this remark: “In the fights that lie ahead, Democrats are on your side.”

If true, what is Madigan and his fellow firmly-in-control Democrats going to do to bring stability to Illinois’ economy, remedy its horribly out of balance budget and fix the government pension debacle which has put the state in great peril?

Helping Illinois become solvent and prosperous once again would be the ideal way to prove you’re on the side of the public. That hasn’t happened yet, and until it does, Madigan’s words ring hollow.

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