Kavanaugh lacks judicial temperament -- Mary Conroy

October 3, 2018

Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s behavior at last Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing convinced me he lacks judicial temperament.

The American Bar Association says judicial temperament means a judge should display “compassion, decisiveness, open-mindedness, sensitivity, courtesy, patience, freedom from bias and commitment to equal justice.” Judge Kavanaugh showed few of those traits Thursday.

Judges should be able to listen carefully to entire statements and questions without interrupting and then ironically shouting, “Let me finish.” Judges should be able to listen to many sides of a story. They should not belittle anyone making statements or asking questions.

It’s particularly troubling that Judge Kavanaugh repeatedly charged senators and his accusers of being part of a well-funded, left-wing conspiracy. If he were to be confirmed, because of those statements, he would have to recuse himself from any cases liberals bring to the Supreme Court, and any cases in which a liberal attorney represents a client. In fact, he should recuse himself in his current position as judge for the same reasons.

Anyone who has to recuse himself that often should not be a judge at all, much less a Supreme Court justice.

Mary Conroy, Madison

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