GHBA Remodelers Council Set your game plan for remodeling project

November 11, 2018

Home remodeling can be exciting and daunting. Before you set out to remodel your home, it’s important to get a plan in place to ensure a more successful outcome of your remodel.

There are many different reasons to remodel, perhaps you want to modernize, have more space, enjoy a better layout and flow, or have more energy efficiency. Remodeling is a big investment, so you want to make sure that you achieve your desired result and improve the value of your home.

The first step is to make a list of all of your wants and needs in order of priority. Look online and get an idea of your preferences and styles that interest you. This will help you to envision your new space.

Those ideas can be brought to a remodeler who works with a three-dimensional modeling program so that you can see your project come to life on a computer screen. 3D renderings are useful in planning interior design, down to the placement of furniture, lighting fixtures, and appliances.

3D modeling allows you to be involved with each design phase of the project. You, your designer and contractor will be able to make better informed decisions about your project before and during the remodeling process.

Benefits of using 3D modeling:

Improves space planning and accuracy of measurements.

Saves time, less time is spent drafting multiple drawings. That means more time for creativity.

Reduces cost by improving accuracy easily allowing for changes and avoids costly time consuming changes at the last minute.

More flexibility by being able to create different layouts quickly.

3D modeling allows for improved communication between you, your contractor and the designer. With 3D design everyone is on the same page.

What you see and agree to, you will get. Homeowners who take advantage of this system have less stress and end up happier with their projects.

So bring your next remodel to life.

Contact your local design build contractor offering 3D modeling design to achieve the best results for your next remodeling project.

This article was provided by a member of the Remodelers Council of the Greater Houston Builders Association. The Remodelers Council is dedicated to promoting professionalism and public awareness of the remodeling profession through education, certification and service to the Houston community. To reach the author directly, email shawn@remodelersofhouston.com. For information on this article, please contact Lorraine Hart at lorraine@idealconsulting.net. To join the council or to find a professional remodeler in your area, please visit www.ghba.org.

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