Tonight: Tomball City Council to decide on electric power agreement, PID assessments

February 18, 2019

Tomball City Council will decide if it will approve an electric power agreement and assessments for two public improvement districts.

The council will consider if will partner with iChoosr as a broker for deregulated residential electric power.

The council was originally going to consider an agreement during its previous regular meeting on Feb. 4, but pulled the agenda item as iChoosr representatives were not available for a presentation.

The company provides groups of individuals residents to select the cheapest electric provider after conducting an auction.

Participating residents sign up for free and would be able to accept or reject the offer.

So far, 10 cities in Texas have partnered with iChoosr, according to their website.

If approved, iChoosr would provide three switch opportunities a year to allow residents to change electric providers.

The council will also decide if it will approve the service and assessment plan for two public improvement districts.

The two districts under consideration would be the Copper Cove and Raleigh Creek subdivisions.

Copper Cove, a 13.6-acre site along South Cherry Street near Agg Road, was the sixth public improvement district created by the city in 2017.

The assessment plan, which would reimburse the developers for the infrastructure costs along with 2.75 percent in interest, would be a total of $22,692.31 during a 15-year period for each property owner on an average house value of $260,000.

If approved by the council, Copper Cove homeowners would pay about $1,959.98 a year.

The assessment plan for Raleigh Creek would have its fourth section of the subdivision assessed with a total of $26,197.39 over a 15-year period.

An average home in the subdivision is expected to cost about $350,000 and an annual assessment along with 7 percent in interest would cost a property owner $2,984.24, according to the agenda documents.

Residents can weigh in on both of the proposed assessments during a public comment session before the council votes.

The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. at 401 Market St.