Josh Norman, Redskins cornerback, tweets about wanting Trump impeached

June 5, 2018

Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman did not like Monday’s news that President Donald Trump revoked the Philadelphia Eagles’ invitation to the White House at the last minute.

Norman replied to a tweet about the news by asking why Trump’s impeachment is “taking so damn long.”

Why is this impeachment taking so Damn Long 😒 *Joshua R. Norman (@J_No24) June 5, 2018

Norman has previously taken issue with Trump, saying he is “not my president” and “not welcome in Washington.”

Trump was supposed to meet with the Super Bowl-winning Eagles at the White House on Tuesday, but released a statement Monday night that the players were not welcome. The team was planning to send fewer than 10 players, as most of them reportedly did not want to make the trip.

Trump said that his decision had to do with respecting the national anthem, a point of contention between certain football players and conservatives since Colin Kaepernick first started kneeling during the anthem before games in 2016. No one on the Eagles knelt in 2017, nor did Norman.

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