Orchids and Onions: Saturday, December 30, 2018

December 29, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the restaurant for playing “Baby its Cold Outside”. As a responsible adult I wasn’t offended, but there were little ones in the building. It’s hard to perceive what undeveloped minds might think after hearing those words.

Orchids to the staff on the 3rd floor at HRMC, especially Ashley and her cohorts, and to Dr. Young, who helped me stick to a very difficult decision I had to make. Their compassion and understanding really helped.

Onions, big time, to the city official who designed the changes on Lake Havasu Avenue. Visit a large city that has installed dividers down their streets and see the traffic backups it causes. Or did you already visit one? Quit trying to make us into a big city!

Orchids to Sudden Link for their employee. A few weeks ago he backed over my mailbox and smashed it to smithereens and immediately got out of his truck and dug a hole and installed a new mailbox. I wasn’t even home - the story was related by neighbors. Thanks!

Onions to the hotel management who is extorting money from its residents. You know who you are.

Orchids to Officer Lowery, LHC PD, for locating, and citing, the lowlife that trespassed and let my dog out of the yard, shut the gate so my dog couldn’t return, and then drove away, abandoning my dog. So...what did your neighbors do for you today?

Onions to the AARP for dumping the Silver Sneakers fitness program. Thanks a lot.

Orchids to the Onion about the postal delivery. My mail is constantly being delivered to my neighbor and my packages are smashed into my mailbox. Complained to the post office but still no improvement!

Onions to code enforcement for allowing four enclosed car trailers, 5th wheel with someone living in it in front yard on Widgeon Drive.

Orchids to Armor Fence and Masonry for a great job on our brick wall. All the workers were courteous and professional and Joe went above and beyond in getting our yard cleaned up! They also put extra effort into dealing with the utilities to allow the original plan we wanted!

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